Foodie Post Phuket Thailand

Foodie Post 🍲

Just came back yesterday from Phuket. Here is a review of some restaurants that were recommended in this group…

Patong Sunset View Restaurant
- Nice view and friendly staff
- Best pad thai and tom yum ever 😍
- Price was very reasonable
- Favourite restaurant out of the 4 

No.6 Restaurant Up The Hill
- Fast service 
- Nice pad thai
- Fried fish and "must try" fried chicken was average 
- Price was very reasonable

Meg Khram
- Best ocean view 😍
- Lovely staff
- Grilled prawns with garlic butter was delicious 
- Pineapple fried rice was amazing
- Mum enjoyed the chilli mud crab
- Grilled squid was average 
- Pricey but that comes with a high end restaurant 

Baan Rim Pa 
- Beautiful sea view
- Authentic Thai food
- Yummy pad thai, duck panang, and zesty prawn salad
- Pricey but not as much as Meg Khram

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