Craft beer 🍺 experience in Saigon

Craft beer 🍺 experience in Saigon

East West Brewery Co. is a first in house craft brewery who intends to serve world class handcrafted beer to beer lovers. It is located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 🇻🇳

The environment in the brewery is awesome feel, because it is a combination of the mini brewery & kitchen concept. We can drink the quality premium craft beer, enjoy the delicious food, have a good moment with friends & visit the mini brewery at the same time 🤗

Recommend craft beer(for references only) 🤣:
🍺 Cold IPA
🍺 Beer Sake
🍺 Oktoberfest Lager
🍺 Vienna Lager

Strongly recommend to those who are willing to try the craft beer 🍺 visit to the East West Brewery Co. 🤗

Gentle reminder, do not drive after drink!

Drink safe & have fun 🤩

Attraction: East West Brewery Co., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 🇻🇳
Expenses type: Mid range

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