Quick review of Air France business, YUL-CDG return earlier this month.

Quick review of Air France business, YUL-CDG return earlier this month. Outbound was an A359, return B772 (which was a relief, as initially scheduled to be a B773 with the Carib config). Party of 5, including my 5yo daughter and my parents. I had right-side middle seats both ways.
In a word, it was average.

First flight left a few minutes late. Checkin was great, speedy and efficient and very polite. The counter agent did not ask to see proof of vaccination, only asked us verbally. The shared/PP lounge was average, service there was good and the food was decent, but it really did seem like a PP lounge. 

On the flight, the seat was comfortable enough, although the shoulder belt, as many have mentioned, is annoying (I tucked it under the headrest after takeoff, which worked well). Catering was disappointing, the first meal and wines were far too cold. Champagne was decent. Service was satisfactory on my side, although the FAs on my daughter's side were very pleasant toward her. I ate the express meal, then slept a bit, and woke up shortly before breakfast. The seat is not ideal for sleeping for taller passengers, I am 188cm and have size 46 feet, which were always hitting the sides of the foot cubby. My daughter really enjoyed the tail camera. I did not use the IFE. 
As is typical at CDG, the checked luggage took 30 mins to arrive, even with the sky priority tags. I hate checking luggage, but given we had a car seat, not much choice there.

On the flight back: security and customs lines at CDG are always a bit of an adventure, but this time it was not too bad, maybe 30 mins. The lounge (2E-M) was again average, decent breakfast options (although taste was disappointing) but a very strange smell in the eating area. The entrance staff did a good job of turning away a lot of people who were trying to buy their way in. 
The seat on the way back was an older product, functional but not great. We removed the divider panel, and because of the large centre 'console' (where the feet of passengers behind go) between our seats I had great difficulty interacting with and helping my daughter. It was a convenient surface for games, toys, extra glasses, etc, but really too big. The seat felt smaller than that of the a350, I was unable to lie down comfortably. The IFE was dated, but the film selection was interesting and varied. The service was disappointing on my side; despite most of the food being quite good (with the exception of the duck lasagna, which had been slightly burned), I had to ask for refills of both water and wine despite putting my empty glass next to the tray. On my daughter's side the service was excellent, one gentleman in particular was doting on her the whole flight. She was given toys and games at the beginning, and had lots of fun with them (and watched Paw Patrol thrice--ugh)

We landed on time, but I still don't understand why AF pilots don't turn off the seatbelt sign for a few minutes after shutdown. 
My daughter and I then flew to YTZ on a Jazz Q400--that's another story.

2350CAD return per person, booked 2 months in advance. Not bad, I'd say.

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